Change Management

Penduka Consulting offers Change Management Consulting Services which uses the “ADKAR” model of Prosci.  Project teams often ignore the people side of change as they focus on the technical aspects of their solution.  Project teams often associate technical success with project success.  Penduka Consulting creates converging paths that bring together change management and project management to achieve the business objectives of the change.

The Prosci PCT Model

Change initiatives succeed when the foundation elements of leadership, project management, and change management are in place.  Prosci’s PCT model and PCT Analyzer provide the framework and assessment tools for ensuring that your projects are positioned for success.

Connecting the people side of change with project success

If the people impacted by a project do not support and engage in the change, then the particulars of that change, including new processes, systems, or job roles, are not realized.  If these particulars are not achieved, then we fail to achieve the purpose of this project.  In short, the business objectives are not met.

The ADKAR Model

Organisations don’t change, people change, one person at a time. Understanding how to achieve individual change using ADKAR is critical for achieving organizational change.

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