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Penduka Consulting is an independent, black owned, human resources training and development company focusing on business coaching, change management, training and education. Penduka Consulting was born out of a deep vision and passion to attract, develop, motivate, measure and retain talent. Our learning methodologies are innovative and certainly changes the way we think, live, learn, work and act. While our training interventions are fundamental to our work, we are most concerned with the ability of our learners to put knowledge to work. This is the new key to the future. We talk about making organisations and individuals future literate and future fit.

Penduka Consulting offers consultancy services that address learning requirements of organisations and its people. The focus is on people development. We believe that the only authentic security that individuals can obtain in the world in which we live today, lies in the security that they derive from within i.e. their competencies, abilities skills and potential.

Penduka Consulting offers services that bring the correct coaching, training and learning interventions to address competency gaps within companies and individuals. The Consultancy draws on a wide variety of experts in the relevant fields to facilitate learning and development.