HR & Recruitment Consulting

Organisations globally are acknowledging the importance of developing and retaining bright skilled talent. We assist organisations in exploring practical and powerful ways of delivering learning that improves performance and supports the broader business strategy. We partner with clients using expert consultants to analyse the learning and performance objectives of the organisation. Together we then formulate comprehensive, practical, well-researched learning strategies that address the defined learning and performance requirements.
The steps that we take with our partners include:

• Understanding how the organisation’s business strategy impacts learning and performance
• Perform a detailed analysis of the current performance and learning reality
• Perform a detailed analysis of the current design and delivery capability and approach
• Identify the learning and performance gaps
• Define an appropriate learning strategy
• Partnering to implement the learning strategy

Penduka Consulting adopts a holistic approach to human performance management and ensures that the implementation of any initiative has a sustained impact within the organisation. Penduka Consulting offers a team of learning and performance specialists skilled in human performance consulting and change management.
Within the change management we include change navigation, stakeholder management, ownership and communication strategies, and organisational design.

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