Skills Development Consulting

Penduka Consulting offers expert and efficient service to companies in the area of skills development within the context of the National Qualifications Framework :
Services offered to organisations

• Design & Implement a company Quality Management System
• Register Training Providers with the relevant SETA

• Assist Training Providers with accreditation
• Alignment of Training programmes to SAQA Unit Standards
• Training material - Gap Analysis
• Curriculum design & development
• Design and implementation of a Recognition of Prior Learning policy
• Implementation and administration of learnerships & internships
• Facilitating the qualification of assessors
• Claiming back up Skills Development Levy paid to SARS
• Assist companies in the completion of a Workplace Skills Plan
• Perform the Skills Development Facilitator function
• Setting up a training committee
• Assist an organisation in the appointment of a Skills Development Facilitator
• Assisting companies in the writing of an Annual Training Report

Learning Design & Mapping

Penduka Consulting has a large pool of experienced course designers who have specialised in the exciting and challenging field of learning psychology and instructional design. We focus on developing learning processes that accelerate knowledge acquisition, build relevant competencies and improve performance. Our learning design and delivery models aim to ensure maximum performance improvement.

Many clients make use of our design and production capability to improve or supplement their current learning material. Where generic courseware is viewed as more cost and time effective, Penduka Consulting will partner with our clients in sourcing, reviewing and assessing generic courseware available in the marketplace. Penduka Consulting will partner with selected vendors to adapt and customise the material to meet specific client requirements. In addition, our course design consultants are able to align and map content to SAQA unit standards.

Assessor and Moderator

Penkduka Consulting offers both the Assessor and Moderator training for clients. For more information on the Assessor and Moderator training please write to

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