Penduka Training


Module 1 (Coaching Essentials) - 3 day Communication Training
This course is a gem if you want a sound and lasting experience of how to work with people, want to understand yourself and how people differ. If you are EQ oriented, then don't miss this. This is the model of HOW EQ works and if you understand how something works, and want it, it easily becomes part of your everyday repertoire in multiple context.

Module 2 (Coaching Genius) - 3 day Accessing Personal Genius
APG is the model that Dr Michael Hall of Neuro-Semantics developed in 1994. It is a groundbreaking model because it unpacks what we do as we think, and feel, and experience events in life. Clearly, thinking is not linear as we were previously taught. We now know that we think in layers and knowing which layer or level we are on at any time makes the world of difference to how we input information, how we respond and behave which is the driver of performance.

Module 3 (Coaching Mastery) - 8 day ACMC Training
This advanced training module involves more than 180 hours of coach specific education. It is ideal for those who are serious about wanting to become a professional coach, or those committed to personal development and self-mastery. It will equip you with cutting edge skills and business strategies for coaching in any or all of the following coaching specialties; Executive, Personal, Organizational and Self coaching.