Penduka Training

Module Outlines

Module 1 – Coaching/Communication Essentials

This three-day program introduces coaching essentials to those new to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Coaching, and sets you off on a life-altering learning journey. You can take this training as a stand alone training or as module 1 of the Meta-Coach Training System™.

You’ll graduate from Coaching Essentials with:

  • An advanced communication model for razor sharp communication.
  • The tools and confidence to produce peak performance and motivation states in yourself and others.
  • Leading edge listening skills for the seeming magic of hearing what is not being said.
  • Persuasion and influencing skills for leading yourself and others to achieve personal goals.
  • Rapport skills for creating business and coaching success.
  • A precision questioning model for getting to the heart of profound change.
  • Accelerate performance with transformational feedback skills.
  • Overcome barriers and blockages in your own life and your clients’.
  • An inspiring start to a career as an internationally certified Meta-Coach.

Who must attend this program?

  • Individuals and organisations commitment to communication excellence.
  • Experienced Coaches wanting an introduction to Coaching with NLP.
  • New Coaches wanting an Introduction to Coaching and NLP.
  • New Coaches wanting to take the Fast Track to becoming an Associate Certified Meta-Coach.
  • Experienced NLP Practitioners wanting to refresh and learn how to Coach with NLP.
  • Managers and supervisors wanting to create peak performance in their teams.
  • Sports Coaches, Personal Trainers, and Pilates Instructors to help sustain client motivation and success.
  • Parents and Teachers wanting solutions for parenting and teaching kids and teens.
  • Coaches focused on Performance Coaching (Coaching skills and behaviours).

Module 2: Coaching Genius / Accessing Personal Genius (APG)
Three-day Introduction to Coaching with Neuro-Semantics® (NS)

Learn the extraordinary NS Meta-States® Coaching Model that is frequently described as ‘magical’. Experience the joy and excitement of unlocking the natural genius in yourself and others, and find the skills, confidence and drive to create your successful coaching business. This program can be taken as stand alone training or as module 2 of the Meta-Coach Training System™.
Coaching Genius gives new and experienced coaches the power to:

  • Use the 26 questions from the revolutionary Meta-States model for effortlessly navigating reflexivity and increasing emotional intelligence (EQ).
  • Essential language skills for Developmental Coaching (coaching beliefs, values, and identity).
  • Enrich your and your client's experience of life - find more passion and satisfaction in relationships, wealth, career, and health.
  • Eliminate attitudes and blockages that have limited you and your clients in the past - low self-esteem, lack of control, inability to act on your ideas.
  • Sharpen your focus so that you unleash your potentials and experience life at optimum level.
  • Become certified to use more than 200 cutting-edge coaching patterns.
  • Think like an entrepreneur, and blow out excuses for not achieving business success lack of confidence, financial insecurity, fear of failure, not knowing what to do.
  • Achieve extraordinary results by thinking and working systemically with the whole mind-body-emotion system.

Who must attend this program?

  • Coaches wanting to lead in the field of Developmental Coaching.
  • Individuals wanting to increase their Emotional Intelligence (EQ) & Spiritual Intelligence (SQ).
  • Managers and leaders wanting to increase their employees EQ & SQ.
  • Individuals wanting to break through limitations and blocks that prevent sustained success.
  • Experienced & New Coaches wanting to gain an introduction to Coaching with NS.
  • New Coaches wanting to take the Fast Track to becoming an Associate Certified Meta-Coach.
  • NLP Practitioners wanting an introduction to Neuro-Semantics and Coaching.
  • Parents and Teachers seeking strategies for dealing with ADD and ADHD.
  • Couples wanting to create more passion and intimacy in their relationship.
  • Psychologists, counselors and therapists wanting an introduction to Coaching and Neuro-Semantics®.

Module 3: Coaching Mastery
Eight-day Associate Certified Meta-Coach (ACMC) Training

This advanced training module culminates in more than 180 hours of coach-specific education. It is ideal for those wanting to become a professional coach, or those committed to personal development and self-mastery. It will equip you with cutting-edge skills and business strategies for coaching in any or all of the following coaching specialties:


» Executive Coaching

Coach CEOs, leaders, and executives for optimum personal performance, motivational mastery, and outstanding business results.


» Personal – Life Coaching

Coach individuals to take charge of their lives and transform their career, relationships, health, personal development and spirituality.


» Organisational – Group Coaching

Coach groups of people to become high performing teams.


» Self Coaching

Apply NLP and NS coaching patterns to yourself for profound life transformation and personal mastery.


This transformational eight-day training program will challenge you to grow into power in the following three areas:




  • You’ll emerge with a deep understanding of your yourself and a focused commitment to your life aspirations.
  • Your strongest abilities and individual powers will be thrown into sharp relief; you will discover the place from which you will excel as a Coach and be empowered to Coach with and from your uniqueness.
  • You will learn how to cast off previous struggle and confusion about balancing life and work.
  • You'll find how to integrate training, consulting, counseling and mentoring in a truly congruent life path.



You'll gain credibility and confidence from a thorough grounding in the most advanced cognitive behavioural coaching models in the field including:


» The Axes of Change Model

As the very first non-therapeutic model for facilitating change in the field of Coaching, the Axes of Change Model is becoming recognized by many academic institutions as the most cutting edge development in the field to date. Developed by Hall and Duval in 2003, based on Self-Actualizing premises and the naturally occurring change process of healthy people, this simple yet revolutionary model gives you as a Coach 9 integral skills for Coaching change and 9 critical roles to play as a change agent.


» The Neuro-Semantic Benchmarking Model

Where is your client in their process of change? How do you know? How much more skill development do you need before you will have the coaching skills of a Master? By what criteria are you measuring this? What is your benchmark for success? The NS model for benchmarking your skill development accelerates your learning, seeking to close the elusive knowing-doing-gap. This exhilarating model puts your theory to the test, by demonstrating what you can actually do - initially against 7 Core Coaching Skills and ultimately against 26 Coaching Skills. Through being benchmarked yourself you learn the art and science of shaping performance through benchmarking.


» The unique Matrix Model

This revolutionary model for mapping human functioning brings together all the very best from the fields of Systems, NLP and NS into one comprehensive model. Initially developed by Dr. Hall in 2001 for working with the mind-body-emotion systems of humans this model has also become a critical model for working within organisational, family, and cultural systems. This model finally gives the new and experienced Coach a model for facilitating systemic change - using psychological premises and specific NLP and NS change patterns for knowing precisely what to do when.


» The Neuro-Semantics Self-Actualization Models

There are three NS self-actualization models: the NS Self-Actualization model specifies thetheoretical frameworks of the concept of self-actualizing (making actual one's potentials by mobilizing resources), the Marix of self-actualization, and the Self-Actualization Quadrants. These models detail the definition, meaning, components, and processes of actualizing one's best possibilities. In the context of coaching, these models actualize the best visions in the human potential movement by Maslow, Rogers, Carl, and others by giving practical processes.




Embark on the life changing journey toward your dream business. You'll gain the confidence and skills to build a highly-successful coaching practice that reflects your values, professional ethics, and life ambitions.


  • Learn from people who are at the pinnacle of their profession. Fast-track your own business by hearing, questioning, and replicating the practices of expert coaches as you ask them about their marketing strategies, invaluable contacts, even their business secrets.
  • Learn business models for marketing, how to charge, how to position and advertise yourself in the marketplace and more.
  • Grow your wealth. Learn how to create a coaching business that is both professionally and financially rewarding.
  • Learn how to help clients create a Business Plan by using a comprehensive yet simple planning methodology while you create or refine your own business plan.




You will model the expertise of 3 expert Coaches, taking their secret strategies of their success back into your own business and life.


Who must attend this program?


  • Coaches wanting to lead in the field of Transformational Coaching.
  • Executive & Group Coaches wanting cutting edge methodologies for transforming people and organisations.
  • Life Coaches wanting revolutionary models for helping people live extraordinary lives.
  • Leaders and Managers committed to developing their employees and improving business performance.
  • NLP and NS Practitioners wanting a sustainable and successful business model.
  • Politicians committed to social, environmental, and economic change.
  • Trainers wanting to dramatically increase learning transfer from public and corporate trainings.
  • Individuals wanting efficient and powerful strategies for ‘walking the talk’ through Self Coaching.
  • Parents and Teachers wanting to enable themselves and their children for life success.
  • Psychologists, counselors and therapists wanting to add cognitive-behavioural Coaching to their practice.
  • Individuals who genuinely want to make a difference in the world and who want to leave a legacy.